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Business and Creative customers:

If you have an existing website and/or web presence:

Update and maintain your current site (includes adding in widgets, video {if your ISP service allows video uploads}, utilizing forms, polls and online services:
            $45.00 per hour for the first 10 hours 
            $40.00 per hour for the next 10 hours * hour indicates actual online time or research time. 

Set up new web presence (including adding online content, widgets, etc)
           $500.00 flat fee for set up not to exceed 15 hours actual on line or research time).
           $40.00 per hour for continuing upkeep or on line support. 

Administrative services also available. Contact me for prices at nm_creatrix@yahoo.com

Support Options for Home Users:

Per visit basis:
Telephone Support - easiest option
Remote Access - an email account is required
On Site Visit to your home


Monthly Retainer

Unlimited One Month Support Plan
(Perfect for the new computer users who need
intense support for a short period of time!)

Home Users Service Rates

Single Service On Site (1hr) $45.00

Single Service Telephone (1hr) $35.00

Single Service (1hr) Remote Access $40.00

One Month Unlimited Support $350.00

Monthly Retainer (5 hr) $120.00

Feel free to contact me regarding fees and payment arrangements for Unlimited or Retain;  other  prices are listed on the PayPal button below.