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Womynwork/planned_detail.JPG Womynwork/om.JPG Womynwork/planned.JPG Womynwork/now_detail.JPG
Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_017.jpg Womynwork/now.JPG Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_016.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_014.jpg
Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_015.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_012.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_013.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_009.jpg
Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_010.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_008.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_007.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_011.jpg
Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_002.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_005.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_006.jpg Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_003.jpg
Womynwork/Installation_Aprons___Crochet_004.jpg Womynwork/WSCTS_full_view.JPG Womynwork/WSCTS_ERA.JPG Womynwork/CCEP_full_view.JPG
Womynwork/CCEP_detail.JPG Womynwork/marlene9.JPG Womynwork/marlene8.JPG Womynwork/marlene5.JPG
Womynwork/marlene7.JPG Womynwork/marlene6.JPG Womynwork/marlene4.JPG Womynwork/marlene3.JPG
Womynwork/marlene2.JPG Womynwork/marlene1.JPG Womynwork/marlene11__2_.JPG Womynwork/button.JPG
Womynwork/marlene10.JPG Womynwork/ginger2.jpg Womynwork/Jean_toxic.jpg Womynwork/suzanne.JPG
Womynwork/group_3.JPG Womynwork/women_provide_food_apron_001.jpg Womynwork/ginger_detail.JPG Womynwork/group_5.JPG
Womynwork/ginger.JPG Womynwork/dorothy___ginger_aprons_002.jpg Womynwork/dorothy___ginger_aprons_003.jpg Womynwork/dorothy___ginger_aprons_001.jpg
Womynwork/apron_002.jpg Womynwork/jackieh_apron.jpg Womynwork/diana_a1.jpg Womynwork/Suz_apron.jpg
Womynwork/treecrochet.jpg Womynwork/amish_apron.jpg

A collaborative multi-media installation by Albuquerque NM
womyn artists, to honor womyn in the month of March.
You are invited to join in the creation of aprons both vintage or
newly created or tree crochet (see images here)

Why Womyn??
This variant spelling of women removes the "men" from womyn
and I feel that it is more inspiring to the womyn of the world.

Why Aprons??
Aprons are very evocative of a time gone by, and a simpler world.
And they were almost a badge of honor for both my Mother and
Grandmother. Don't you have fond memories of your grandmother
making goodies wearing her apron?
Why Tree Crochet/Yarn Bombing??
Simply because it is something that I personally have
always wanted to do! 


Dates for the installation are:

Installation March 1st and 2nd, 2012

Display Dates are March 3rd, 2012 to March 31st, 2012.

We will have a dedication ceremony March 9, 2012 from 5:30 to whenever.

This will be one night past the full moon!

Please join us if you are able. 

Interested in making an apron or making a tree crochet?
Contact NM Creatrix:
nm_creatrix at yahoo dot com for details
Deadline for receipt of aprons in Albuquerque is Feb. 27th
Deliver to 123A 9th  St SW
for snail mail info email
nm_creatrix at yahoo dot com
We are also looking for small amounts of yarn scraps that
you might have left over from other projects
(covering the large guardians of the goddess tree takes LOTS of yarn!). 

Jackie We See 
Thanks to the magic of the Internet, people are responding from across the country. 
Some of the contributions are:
Diana Angus, a beautiful yellow apron "from my late Mom's Collection"
Diana Angus' Mothers arpon 
Dr. Pamela Beverage, a bag of beautiful yarns 
Karen Forzani CASH
Dorothy Dodd A huge bag of yarn
Caroline L donated an Amish Apron from her collection
Earthspirit88 donated a bag of beautiful mohair yarn (see the story here)
Marlene G (www.silkdyes.com) donated 19 aprons, some of which are child
sized and will be donated to La Puerta de los Ninos at First UU.
breezeable donated a button apron with all her old feminine buttons attached!
Winona has donated two beautiful aprons, one of which has the logo of the
"Womens Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society  (see pics above)
We really appreciate everyone's generosity!